Learn here why you need to update your iphone and mac right now.

Its time to update your apple devices to patch two zero day exploits under active attacks.

This zero day exploits are now exposed in Apple's operating system multiple times in a year - its at seven for 2022.

However Apple did detect such vulnerabilities but they didn't gave any report of breached devices.

The breached devices are:- iphone 6S and later, Macs running macOs monterely, ipad pro all models, (ipad air 2, ipad 5 gen, ipad mini4) and later, ipad touch 7th gen.

Now you might be wondering that what is zero day exploit?

So, zero day exploit is an unreleased security vulnerabilities that can be used by an attacker to breach a site and many more.

So we strongly suggest you to patch your Apple devices as soon as possible.