Winning lottery tickets of $8 millions expires next month, check it out.

According to the New York lottery two tickets worth 8 million dollars are expiring next month.

Out of 2 one is $1M Mega Millions win while other is Cash4Life prize worth $1,000/day or $7 million total.

The lottery numbers numbers were 03-23-30-55-58 and cash ball 01 and it was sold in Queens.

The lottery winners can claim their prizes for upto a year after the draw.

The Mega ticket was sold at the new stand in Manhattan with winning numbers 18-30-43-68-69 and Mega ball 22.

The best strategy to win a lottery is to choose the same numbers each time because this actually improves your chances over time.

If you are one of the holder of these winning tickets visit the New York Lottery website to claim it.