Best Cyrptocurriencies Mobile Wallet | How To Use Rabby Wallet?

Managing cryptocurrencies securely and in a convenient way has always been problematic for a common user. Hardware wallets and desktop software, despite providing safety for digital assets, have mainly complex processes for storing and are highly inconvenient in daily use. Furthermore, increasing cases of cyber threats and hacking incidents carry widespread risks, particularly for the financial losses of people without strict security measures.

Best Cyrptocurriencies Mobile Wallet | How To Use Rabby Wallet?

Mobile wallets have sprouted as a place where security blends with convenience and a user-friendly interface. Among such classes of mobile wallets that cater to overall solutions for safe storing, sending, receiving, and managing cryptocurrency directly from mobile devices, examples include Trust Wallet, Mycelium, and Coinbase Wallet. They have numerous advanced security features that include biometric authentication, encryption, and reliable backup options.

Mobile wallets provide a more convenient and secure way of managing cryptocurrencies while on the move. This way, users are able to access digital assets from any part of the world at any time with several security measures in place, enabled by such a platform-supported capability.

For example, Trust Wallet is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet that is very user-friendly and provides an intuitive interface for easy management. It also holds functions such as decentralized exchange integration and staking options to maximize crypto investments directly from mobile devices.

Best Cyrptocurriencies Mobile Wallet | How To Use Rabby Wallet?

Incorporated educational resources and supporting communities help users understand how to properly secure their assets and maximize mobile wallets. Regular updates to these wallets make them tougher against emerging threats.

In the modern digital world, mobile wallets are changing the very way we hold our cryptocurrencies. Their convenience in use is augmented with full-proof security, hence creating a solution easily usable for anyone from new users to long-term users. With widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies comes mobile wallets used to issue and manage digital assets in a manner that is safe and efficient for everyone.

Best Way To Manage Cyrptocurrencies (Rabby Wallet)

Installing Rabby Wallet

To install Rabby in your phone, go to the App Store if you are an iOS user, or Google Play if you are an Android user, and find the app by typing “Rabby Wallet” in the search bar. Shown as the result, click on Rabby Wallet by DeBank, download and install. If you are on an Android phone, you can also download the APK file to your phone by going to on your mobile browser.
Once you have installed Rabby Wallet on your device, you will be ready to get your wallet set up.

  • Simply tap on “Get started”.
  • Choose your wallet provider from the list by which to connect Rabby with your already-existing wallet app. Rabby will open your already existing mobile wallet.
  • Get into another wallet app and accept the connection request by Rabby Wallet to import your existing wallet into Rabby Wallet.

Rabby also allows you to connect some hardware wallets to your Ledger, such as Keystone and OneKey. After you have connected your hardware wallet of choice, you can proceed to access some of the basic functions of a wallet.

Best Cyrptocurriencies Mobile Wallet | How To Use Rabby Wallet?

Receive Funds

To receive crypto on the Rabby Wallet, follow these steps:

  • Click the ‘Receive’ button at the top of your dashboard.
  • On the pop-up, make a choice of which network you’d like to receive your crypto. The Rabby Wallet has multiple blockchain support, and you can type the name of the network you are interested in the search bar
  • After the choice of the network, you will be able to either copy the wallet address or scan the provided QR code.

Ensure you are using the right network through which you are are intending to transact.

Sending Funds From Your Rabby Agama Guard to Another Wallet

  • Click the ‘Send’ Button on the top of your dashboard.
  • On the screen for ‘Send’, click the box at the top. A drop-down list of your supported networks will be shown. Select or click your preferred/ choosing network.
  • Paste the destination wallet address in ‘Enter address’ text box.
  • Click the left at the bottom of the box, select the cryptos, and enter the amount you would like to send.
  • Ensure the network, wallet address, crypto, and amount you are sending are correct. If everything is okay, tap the bottom under the red text to give Rabby Wallet permission to send that amount to a non-whitelist wallet address.
  • If this is a frequently used, trusted wallet address, tap “Add to whitelist” so that Rabby could have permission to send funds to this wallet in the future.
  • Having confirmed sending, we tap ‘Send’ to go to the details of the transaction.
    Check that all details—token type, amount, and address—are correct. Rabby will simulate the transaction to show out of your wallet comes which amount of ETH (or any other cryptos). Check that the gas settings are within reasonable limits before you hit send.
  • Once details are processed, below input, tap “Begin signing process”, and confirm the transaction within your connected mobile wallet.
Best Cyrptocurriencies Mobile Wallet | How To Use Rabby Wallet?

dApps Exploration

Rabby Wallet lets you find decentralized applications (dApps) inside the app. To do so, click the ‘Dapps’ button at the bottom of your dashboard to see a list of dApps accessible to you. Click on any one of them to add it to your favorites, or simply click on the search icon in the top-right corner and type in the name of any preferred dApp.

When you have entered a dApp, you can connect your wallet and start interacting with the dApp using smart contracts. Any connections or transactions require the same process to be signed as when you sign a transfer, with the preview of simulations of the result, including any alert on security matters.

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