In this modern era, the wealth creation by investing in equity asset class is becoming very common. Now, people are loving to engage their money directly into the share market. It’s become possible because of the various journals, screener and the company’s financial getting more transparent to the public. Especially, the youth are getting aware of personal finance knowledge.

In this post, we are going to discuss about ‘airbnb stock price prediction‘ in brief so that you can get some point to make your decision whether to investing in this stock is reasonable or not. This ‘airbnb stock price prediction 2025′ is based on analyst research over data driven by company’s past performance.

Disclaimer:- It is to notify that all the data/figures given in this post is only for the informational purpose and not a recommendation to buy or sell any of the stocks. So kindly, make a deep research before investing in stock market.

So, with that note let’s start with this brand new post of ‘airbnb stock price prediction 2025‘.

Airbnb stock price prediction 2025

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Introduction to Airbnb

Airbnb is an online global industry mainly engaged in providing homestays during vacation and tourism occasions. Airbnb was started in 2008 by Brian Cheeky, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyle in California.

This company allow the property owners to list their properties, luxury villas, treehouse, etc on the app and from there customers can rent or lease those properties on a short term basis.

Company has a very interesting history as it was started by three friends renting air mattresses to make extra money, and with that Airbnb emerged as one of the top listing as it has over 5,50,000 listing and more than 10 millions of customers.

In 2020, the company went public and currently it has a net worth of $31 billion. Being one of the most recognized company worldwide, Airbnb has upgraded its services to offer more flexible travel and destinations. Currently, the price of Airbnb stock stands at $144.12 (14 Sep, 2023).

Top Insight of Airbnb

The running chart of Airbnb stock is as follows…

Top insight related to Airbnb stock price prediction 2025 is mentioned below:-

Company NameAirbnb
IndustryConsumer cyclical
3 month return 15.64%
1 year return15.73%
Market Cap$90.8 B
52 Week high$154.95
52 Week low$81.91
Ticker codeABNB
PE Ratio41.11
Airbnb stock price prediction

After the top insight of Airbnb stock, let’s start with the detailed airbnb stock price prediction year wise.

Airbnb stock price prediction 2023

As Corona Pandemic had made the world tourism to stand still, in between this period of time various tourism company shuts down but Airbnb managed to face such a disaster. Now, the global tourism is evolving which is directly going to benefit this Airbnb company.

According to various broking firms and the analyst it is a general consensus that the price of Airbnb stock will surge up to $160 in 2023. In last couple of years where mostly investor sold their share of portfolio because of fear, now various of them have shown the interest in buying and hold this Airbnb stock.

If any uneven fluctuation due to global economic condition, marketing, is seen on this stock’s price then it might fall down to the price of $81.

In this Airbnb stock price prediction 2023, analysts have estimated the average price of Airbnb stock will remain somewhat around $121.

Although these figures are calculated based on various data but these figures could not be 100% accurate because the price movement of stock is based on various factors.

YearAirbnb stock price prediction 2023
2023$160 – $81
Airbnb stock price prediction 2023.

Airbnb stock price prediction 2025

As we discussed above that global tourism is reviving out of pandemic and no doubt the tourism industry is going to become more flexible and will attract more tourist worldwide if everything goes well. Day by day the trend of traveling is going up and people are loving to travel internationally.

On various social media platforms we can’t see a number of traveling influencers traveling worldwide and encouraging others to make their wish of traveling come true. Airbnb being one of the most reliable hospitality service provider is definitely going to get the advantage of it.

But, this could not be the only criteria to make this Airbnb stock price prediction 2025 so according to deep financial research of various experts the highest price of Airbnb stock is predicted to be around $187 in FY 2025.

With the evolution of AI and other advance technology the service booking apps will become more convenient to its users which will give some extra edge to such industries.

YearAirbnb stock price prediction 2025
2025$184 – $95
Airbnb stock price prediction 2025.

Airbnb stock price prediction 2030

Making Airbnb stock price prediction 2030 will be somehow speculative at current moment because we can not predict the global scenario over a longer period of time. But based on the past performance how this company has reacted in diverse situations the financial experts have given Airbnb stock price prediction 2030.

Experts predicted the highest price of Airbnb stock in 2030 will be somewhat around $287 but if company will face any issues then it may fall to $198. However, we can’t judge the expert opinion and crosscheck them until unless we have some experience in doing such price analysis.

Especially, for a longer period of time these predictions couldn’t be as effective as it will be for one year or couple of years.

In 2030, the global tourism industry would have been at peak and on the basis of current revenue and profit growth definitely it will be one of the top leading company of the global market. Company has an excellent and transparent financials and it will help the company to get the exposure of other nation’s to establish its customer base.

In financial year 2030, the average price of Airbnb stock price prediction 2030 will be $221.

YearAirbnb stock price prediction 2030
2030$287 -$198
Airbnb stock price prediction 2030.

Last Line

As we know that directly investing in stock market without having the proper knowledge of analyzing the stock is very risky. But, now we can learn the stock analysis, reading charts, understanding financials of a company as we have multiple resources like YT, and seminars.

Always keep in mind that investing on the basis of tips will completely make your capital zero (not considering some exceptional cases), but most of the time it will result against of yours.

In this post we discussed about Airbnb stock price prediction in detail. We focused on company’s top insight, what does this company do (its brief introduction) and year wise Airbnb stock price forecast. Hope you guys enjoyed this, if you really do don’t forget to connect with our social media handles from extra information.

Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked questions related to Airbnb stock price prediction 2030 is listed below.

Is Airbnb a good long term stock?

As the global tourism industry is evolving and more and more tourists are showing their interest in traveling worldwide. If we consider on the basis of current revenue growth, then we will that company has shown a significant growth in last few years. According to research and financial experts it would be a great asset to buy and hold for a longer period of time.

What is the future of Airbnb?

The future of any of the stocks can not be predicted accuretly. However on the basis of past data the future of Airbnb is seems to be very growthful in the coming few years.

What will Airbnb stock be worth in 2030?

If the global economic condition remain stable and company continue to perform well no doubt its stock price will reach close to $300 in 2030. It will add a great valuation in the coming 5-7 years.

Where will Airbnb stock be in 5 years?

If we talk about the current situation in Airbnb profit growth then that is mindblowing. Even after the global pandemic which has impacted almost every sector of global economy the Airbnb has managed itself very well. In the coming 5 to 7 years Airbnb stock price will se somewhat around $287.

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