Hello readers, welcome back to a new brand post of stock price prediction. Here we are going to discuss Apple stock price prediction 2025 and also for the more upcoming years.

So, are you looking to invest in Apple stock, stay through out this post and I ensure that you will get a better idea to make your decision.

Apple, the world’s top recognised brand has monopoly in the tech world. Whether, its iphone, ipad, or mac – just fab. The operating system, designing, performance, everything is perfect which make it different from the other brands.

But, what about its stock performance. Is it performing same on stock market as it is doing in retail market? We will be discussing these all in Apple stock price prediction 2025.

So, let’s start with the top insight of ‘Apple stock prediction 2025‘.

Apple stock price prediction 2023-2060.

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Apple stock top insight.

Here is the top insight of Apple stock. Before, we begin with apple stock price prediction lets have a look on company’s major facts.

Company nameApple Inc.
IndustryElectronic technology
3 month returns22.23%
5 year returns 267.96%
Market Cap$2.5T
52W high $198.78
52W low$123.98
Apple stock price prediction 2025.

After top insights, lets have a look at the common introduction to company.

Introduction to Apple

Here is the running chart of Apple stock..

Apple Inc. is an American based multinational company has its headquarter in Cupertine, California. Apple was founded by Steve Jobs on April 1, 1976 as Apple computer company. In the term of market cap it is the world’s biggest company. Company went public on December 12, 1980 at $20 per share and stock has split five time since the IPO.

the company has shown a significant growth as its revenue raised from 8 billion US dollar in 2004 to 270 billion dollar in 2020. In 2018, it was the first publicly traded company in America that has crossed the valuation of 1 trillion dollar. And this growth continued as Apple recorded $3 trillion valuation in January 2022.

Apple stock price prediction 2023-2060

Here’s the predicted price of AAPL stock for the upcoming years..

YearHighest price($)Lowest price($)Average price($)
2023 205.83123.48165.12
2024 245.11129.42171.26
2025 285.37152.07183.11
2026 308.003186.62205.26
2027 319 62205.16233.22
2018 347.31225.03259.90
2040 687.8589.17637.21
2050 943.91797.63855.88
AAPL stock price prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050, 2060.

Now, lets start with the detailed apple stock price prediction per year wise.

Apple stock price prediction 2023

Starting with the current year prediction, this stock is trading at $188 at the time of publishing of this post. This giant electronic stock has touched the bearish mark of $123.48

According to analyts and various financial experts AAPL stock could touch the highest price of $205.83 in 2023.

The average price of this stock in 2023 will be somewhat around $165.12

YearApple stock price prediction 2023.
2023$205.83 – $123.48
APPL stock price prediction 2023.

Apple stock price prediction 2024

As technology is growing with immense pace and one of the main reason behind this is the growth of various IT and electronic companies. Apple is one of them. In the last quarter of 2023, Apple is going to launch Iphone 15, which is one of the most awaited phone.

So, this will make a positive impact on this stock making it rise upto $245.11, while for 2024 its lowest price will be around $129.42

This stock will manage the average price of $171.26 in FY 2024.

YearApple stock price prediction 2024.
2024$245.11 – $129.42
Apple stock price prediction 2024.

Apple stock price prediction 2025

For this year, the financial experts have predicted that Apple stock will reach around $285.37 but if the condition get worse this stock could face the fall in price upto $152.07. Making such prediction is not effective all the time as it depends on various factors.

This company is capable of selling its products at the large scale as well as with an extraordinary margin in comparison to the other companies.

In 2025, the average price of apple stock will be $183.11

YearAAPL stock price prediction 2025
2025$285.37 – $152.07
Apple stock price prediction 2025.

Apple stock price prediction 2026

If the global economic condition, global markets and this company’s performance remain positive, then 2026 will be a golden year for Apple stock. As company will come with various new products and technology advancement.

This year company will cross the mark of $300 and its highest price will be around $308.03 and the lowest price at which this stock could trade will be $186.62.

The average price will be around $205.26

YearApple stock price prediction 2026
2026$308.03 – $186.62
Apple stock price prediction 2026.

Apple stock price prediction 2027

The fundamental of this company is excellent so if it doesn’t faces any issues like marketing, global crisis then this year Apple stock may go upto $319.62.

However, If any negative impact appears for this company then this stock may fall below to $205.16 making the averaging of $233.22.

YearApple stock price prediction 2027
2027$319.62 – $205.16
AAPL stock price prediction 2027.

Apple stock price prediction 2028

As we know that performance of any stock is influenced by the various market dynamic and it may be subject to uneven fluctuation. However, according to the financial institutions and broking firms Apple stock can touch the highest price of $347.31.

If we talk about the lowest price then it will be somewhat around $225.03. In 2028 the average price of Apple stock will be $259.90.

YearApple stock price prediction 2028
2028$347.31 – $225.03
Apple stock price prediction 2028

Apple stock price prediction 2029

In 2029, with the new technology evolvement company will definitely come with the advance gadgets. Everyone is aware of this company’s brand value, it has monopoly in the smartphone industry.

This year stock price might come close to $400. It’s highest price will be around $383.69 while the lowest price will be $229.02. This year stock will maintain the average price of $271.72.

YearApple stock price prediction 2029
2029$383.69 – $229.02
Apple stock price prediction 2029

Apple stock price prediction 2030

We never know that Apple might jump into the others gadgets manufacturing except iPhone, iMac, Macbook etc. It is also the possibility that company might invest into various IPOs or startups making the stock price to rise up.

If global market remain undisturbed then this year stock price will jump to the highest price of $416.08 while it’s lower circuit will show the mark of $237.13. $292.81 will be the average price of Apple stock for financial year 2030.

YearApple stock price prediction 2030.
2030$416.08 – $237.13
AAPL stock price prediction 2030

Apple stock price prediction 2040

Making prediction for the price of Apple stock in 2040 will be speculative, because we can’t predict the Global economic scenario of 2040. But, according to the data driven by financial experts stocks highest price will be around $684.86.

It’s lowest and average price will be $589.17 and $631.27

YearAAPL stock price prediction 2040
2040$684.86 – $589.17
AAPL stock price prediction 2040.

Apple stock price prediction 2050

As company will get the exposure to more Global Markets and its sales will also grow. For 2050, experts predicted that highest price of Apple stock will be closed to $1000 ($943.91).

In some of the negative sentiments the lowest price of stock will be around $797.63 and its average price will remain close to $855.88

YearApple stock price prediction 2050
2050 $943.91 – $797.63
Apple stock price prediction 2050.

Apple stock price prediction 2060

With the advancement in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Definitely company will give the Global market – a fully AI based gadgets or even more advance than AI.

If everything goes in the favour of this company it’s market cap will also rise beyond the few hundred trillions.

According to data, it has been predicted that it’s the highest, lowest and average price will be $1233.04, $1008.32 and $1109.16

YearApple stock price prediction 2060
2060$1233.04 – $1008.32
Apple stock price prediction 2060


The figure mentioned in this blog posts are fully based on the prediction of analysts and Financial Institutions. This all data are only for the information purpose and not a recommendation to buy or sale any stock. Please make a deep research before investing in any of the Asset class. For any loss or profit the website owner will not be responsible. Thank your.


In this block post we discussed about the Apple store price prediction 2023-2060. As we mentioned above that this predictions are fully based on data given by various broking forms and past performance of the stocks.

The data given through this blog post is only for the information purpose and not a recommendation to buy sell any stock. Hope, you liked the information. 😊😊

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Apple’s stock projected in 5 years?

5 years from now means 2028. In 2028 the company will so an immense growth in its valuation its highest price could rise up to $347.31 while lowest price will be somewhat around $225.

2.What will Apple stock price be in 2025?

In 2025, Apple stock will be at good position and will move close to the mark it $300. This year company may come with the various projects and this will make the stock price to rise up.

3. What is the future prediction for Apple stock?

As the fundamental of this company is very solid, so definitely in the coming years company will standing at a good position. Even now company is performing well in the Global market so according to the current data in the coming few years it’s growth will be on another level.

4. What is Apple share price target by 2040?

The price of Apple share by 2040 will be somewhat around $684.86 – $589.17.

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