Tesla – the monopoly stock in the market of EVs. The company has given more than 250% of return during the financial year 2020 making Elon Musk the world’s most richest person. In the next year it has added more 50% return, acting as a cherry on cake. As this company is world famous so we will not talk much about its general facts.

Basically, this post will guide you to the ‘tesla stock price prediction 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050‘. And this prediction is not prepared randomly, it is based on the stock data, it’s past trends, financials and analyst reports and many more things.

so let’s begin without any delay.

Tesla stock price prediction

Tesla stock insight

Top insights related to Tesla stock price prediction 2050 is as follows:-

Company NameTesla, Inc.
IndustryConsumer Durables
1 month return46.04%
3 month return-21.82%
1 year return-43.02%
52 week high$384.29
52 week low$101.81
Tesla stock forecast 2024.

History of Tesla

Tesla Inc is founded in 2003 in California, USA. It is an American electric automobile manufacturer founded by Elon Musk, Ian Wright, Martin Eberhard, JB Straubel and Marc Tarpenning.

Currently, it is the world biggest automobile manufacturer which has a market cap of 502.2 billion dollar with a PE ratio of 45.21.

All we know that in this decade EVS are going to dominate diesel/petrol powered vehicles, so it will result as an X-factor for Tesla. Tesla is also covering the goods transportation sector with its ‘cyber truck’, which will serve as an electric pickup truck, providing better utility than a truck and superior performance than a sports car.

So, all we can say that Tesla stock is surely going to get an edge and if everything work well it will give an extraordinary return.

But, for that what analyst are observing is demonstrated through an image below showing a bullish view on this monopoly stock.

Tesla’s bullish view by the analyst

The above data is best on 47 Wall Street analysts offering stocks ratings for Tesla Inc.

So let’s start with our Tesla stock price prediction 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050.

Tesla stock price prediction chart (2023-2050)

YearMaximum price ($)Minimum price ($)Average price ($)
2023 457.5 411.6436.28
2024 578.12 502.31 541.1 0
2025768.9 713.21739.72
20271155.17106 3.58 1101.09
20281474.911248.61 1329.01
2029 19001703.811803.51
20335651 505 1.91 5221.17
2035 90087719047.61
2036 10958908710258
20391817220291 1943 7.17
20502811726911 27555
Tesla stock price forecast 2023-2050.

Tesla stock price prediction 2023

According to the various analyst, Tesla stock could take a boom to the price of approx $460.18 and can show the bottom price of $411 with an average of $436.28.

Tesla is looking for various new models of EVs to launch this year, it will be a plus point and will definitely give hard competition to the other manufacturer.

Tesla stock price prediction 2024

Tesla is cutting down the prices of various models which can grow the number of sales for Tesla.

2024 can take the Tesla to a height of $578.12, with a lower price of $502.31 making Tesla to an average of $541.10

Tesla stock price forecast 2025

These two years, 2023 and 2024 are very crucial for Tesla. Tesla should look to overcome all the drawbacks of various models like tyre grills, fuels etc. Tesla must establish and maintain themselves as a tough competitor for other manufacturers.

During this FY Tesla can reach upto $768, while its worst phase can show it to the price of $713, and the average price will be $739.

Tesla stock price prediction 2030.

During this financial year Tesla can reach up to $2510 while making to chart lowering to $2364. The average price of stock could be around $2452.

Tesla stock price target 2040.

If everything goes well for Tesla. This Tesla stock price prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050 estimates the highest price of stock to whopping $23801 in case, if stock split is not done.

Tesla stock forecast shows a lower price of $22005 for 2040 with an average of $22908.

Tesla stock price prediction 2050.

For such a long time, making price prediction is not so easy. But if Tesla continuous it’s monopoly, it could reach the mark of $28117, and average price will be $27555.

Tesla stock price prediction FAQs

What is the Tesla stock prediction 2050?

Tesla could reach up to the price of $27555 if everything goes well for the Tesla during the financial year of 2050.

How much will Tesla stock worth in 10 years?

After ten years Tesla stock will reach upto the price range of $9001-$8771 and its average price will be around $9047.

Is Tesla a good long term stock?

Yes, Tesla is a good long term stock. Various analyst has shown a bullish view on this stock. Tesla is the biggest EVs manufacturer and EVs are going to dominate other fuels operated vehicles.

How much will Tesla stock be worth in 2030?

Tesla will be worth of around $2510 during the financial year of 2030.

How high could Tesla stock go in the future?

Making such predictions is not always effective. However, of everything goes well and stock split is not done it could reach upto the mark of around $30000.

Last Line

In this article we discussed the tesla stock price prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050 in detail. Sometimes such big predictions are not so effective because it depends on various factors like trend sales demands and many more things.

However, we have tried to give you the approx Tesla stock price prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050. This is for informational purpose and we don’t recommend anyone for buying/selling of any stocks.

Before investing in any of the stocks you must make a deep research. Stay tuned for more such interesting and informational posts.

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